Personal Property Tax Services

EMA has represented all types of commercial personal property from large manufacturing equipment to small office business personal property and has the capability of providing any type of services desired:

     • Determine what is taxable as personal property in each taxing jurisdiction
     • Segregate the personal property from the real estate and intangible assets
     • File personal property tax returns, if necessary
     • Verify the existence of physical assets and quantify any obsolescence involved
     • Provide tax estimates
     • Advise on any current liabilities from under-reported assets
     • Advise regarding future tax exposure for pending acquisitions
     • Determine taxability of various types of inventories, i.e. raw materials,
       goods-in-process, finished goods
     • Conduct a physical inventory
     • Perform outside audit support

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Tax Savings Examples

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Cobb County, GA
Two Year Tax Savings
James City County, VA
Two Year Tax Savings
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