The basic services offered by Easley, McCaleb & Associates, Inc. are:

Real Estate Tax Services
Our main goal is to ensure that our clients are paying the lowest possible property taxes!  We continuously keep up with changes in the marketplace as it fluctuates, and subsequently, the effects this will have on our clients properties.  Our tax consultants have appraisal backgrounds and are the best negotiators in the business.  We know how to find inconsistencies in valuations to the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Personal Property Tax Services
Personal Property Taxes are taxed according to value.  Whether through reviewing or amending previous returns, filing returns, researching “double taxation” issues, or working with State Auditors, again we find and correct inconsistencies or overvaluations.

Sales & Use Tax Services (EMS Tax Services, Inc., affiliate)
Sales and Use taxes are buried or hidden in a taxpayer’s cost of goods sold.  Consequently, many business taxpayers overlook the sales and use tax area when seeking to reduce costs and/or improve their bottom-line performance.  These taxes, often referred to as a “nuisance” or “orphan” tax, frequently exceed the liability for state and federal income taxes combined. 

Tax Savings Examples

Orange County, FL
Two Year Tax Savings
Cobb County, GA
Two Year Tax Savings
James City County, VA
Two Year Tax Savings
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